For a world without keys

Make your door smart
with a lock designed to protect
your home and simplify your life

New technology

Creation of a smart lock that is simple to install, easy to access and ensures total security.

Features of the NoMoreKeys smart lock

This style of lock is increasingly being found for its undisputed confort. For many, this innovation still creates some doubt, so we have developed a system that will offer complete reliability.


The keys are only on your cell phone, there aren´t copies and you will always know who and how has accessed your lock

Easy to install

Unlike other locks that require a specific app for each device, we have simplified the system so that all the keys are grouped in the same app


It has a simple mode of use and a history, where you can control and supervise the activity generated and of various registered users.

Discover NoMoreKeys to:

The development of this system makes it easy to use it on any door, either for personal or business use, offering comfort, security and relief from having to “hand over” in person the key.

Your house

Now you can live with one less worry, because you can forget the keys.

Your apartment

You don´t have to go
to the palce to give
the key to the new tenant


There isn’t danger of someone losing the office keys, they are all in the app

Tourist resort

Centralised room management with remote key delivery to mobile phone

NoMoreKeys smart lock FAQ

We know that it´s a different system and it generates some uncertainty that can cause a little distrust and indecision when thinking about making the change. Here we offer a list of answers to possible questions and hope it can help you to make the decision to change a smart lock. If you have another question, contact us.

What are the advantages?
You can forget your keys, now you have them in your mobile.

The activation of the keys is by means of a code that is generated only once, the information never goes to an external server, it is only in the mobile. This ensures that no one has access to your data.

In your app, you can register as many devices as you want and generate the respective keys with a single application.

It is an ideal system for owners who want to rent, they can send the virtual key without the need to travel to the place, or leave the keys with another person, it can also be shared with as many people as necessary and limit access according to the time of accommodation.

Geolocation can limit the area of activating the device, if the user is not in front, he cannot use the key.

Do I have to change the complete lock?
No, you only have to change the “bombín”, at the best you just need to remove one screw and put it back.
What happens if the battery runs out?
The conventional key must be used, so it is advisable to make sure that the battery is charged or to have a spare.
Could the connection fail?
The lock works independently for non-remote keys (BLE, NFC, etc.) so it can be used even offline.
How does it work?
The owner of the lock can generate as many keys as he wants and send them to whomever he wants, limiting them by date, geolocation and cancelling them when necessary. It always keeps a record of accesses and can be consulted at any time.
Can it be unlocked in any other way, e.g. by fingerprint or card?
Several methods are currently supported (NFC card, QR, Bluetooth, ultrasound and light pulses) in addition to remote access via the internet. Depending on the model purchased, one or the other is available.
Is it very expensive?
Not at all, ask us for a quote if you are going to buy more than one.

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