Your house

In private homes, you can have one or more smart locks and simply need the mobile application to open the doors and check their operation.

You can also have an alarm service and check its status.

If necessary, you can send access keys to another person, as well as receive them for any other device.

Your Apartment

A convenience when renting a property. The tenant is sent a virtual key to use from the mobile application with the necessary restrictions.

Additional persons can be authorised to enter at any time, check in and submit registration details.

With these facilities, the owner does not need to travel to the site or leave the keys with a third party, thus eliminating potential risks.


This system is very useful for facilitating access to a company’s employees.

Keys are generated for each of them, which will only be needed by the mobile application, ensuring that they are secure and preventing forgetfulness or loss.

With the history, entries and exits can be monitored so that a record of activity can be kept if necessary.


Tourist resort

For resort management, this system is an excellent option.

The manager creates digital keys for each guest, sends them a link that gives them access to the application without having to register and takes them directly to the screen where they will see their key.

This operation also facilitates the control of accommodation, the check-in and check-out process can be incorporated to establish the length of stay.

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