This new system guarantees total security in every door where it is used.

With a one-time activation code, all information is protected and the key remains only on the mobile phone.

Through the nomorepass application, the code is generated and it is not necessary to register as a user or provide personal data, nothing is stored on an external server.

Esta opción dificulta la intervención externa y garantiza que nadie pueda tener acceso a las llaves sino el propietario o los autorizados.

Security system

Discover the advantages of its different uses and enjoy the convenience it offers you


The grouping of all devices in a single mobile application and the simple way of positioning the lock make operation very easy.

The application allows the user to configure the locks in an easy, fast and secure way, giving the option to share the keys with other people and to control the time of use.

For the installation of the lock, only the traditional lock needs to be replaced.
It is recommended that the process is done by a locksmith to avoid mistakes.

Accessibility and supervision

Once the mobile application is installed, the user must register the devices to generate the respective keys.

You have the option to view a list of all your devices with detailed information, to add multiple users, to keep track of access through history and to set the check in/check out function.

As a means of protecting access, the geolocator can limit the specific area where the key can be used, making it a condition that the user is in front of the device.

With all these advantages, a owner can monitor his property without having to go to the place.

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